Pål Gunnar Ulvenes

13938471_1447387358621409_752056887960738360_nPål Gunnar Ulvenes is a Norwegian psychologist and researcher.

He earned his clinical license from the University of Trondheim and his PhD from the University of Oslo.

He is an IEDTA-International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association– approved trainer and supervisor of short-term dynamic psychotherapy.

Ulvenes has worked extensively with professor Leigh McCullough, PhD (Harvard University and originator of Affect phobia therapy) and Bruce Wampold, PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison and Modum bad).

Ulvenes is a member of the editorial board of psychotherapy and psychotherapy research, member of the board for the SAPUScandinavian Academy for Psychotherapy Development-.

His research interests cover psychotherapy process, short-term dynamic therapy, common factors, affect and depression. He was the 2012 recipient of the most valuable paper award for the American Psychological Associations division of psychotherapy.


„While the effect of psychotherapy has been clearly established, the understanding of through which mechanisms psychotherapy works is poorly understood. This presentation will address the process of change in psychotherapy with a specific focus on the role of affective processes in therapy. As a framework for understanding the role of affect in psychotherapy, affect phobia therapy, a short term dynamic psychotherapy model will be presented, and through video examples the processes will be made clinically relevant.”

Second presentation:

Facial affect recognition training